Amplify your Facebook

Amplify your Facebook

Facebook is one the hardest social networks to grow and businesses are finding it harder to engage users with their brands. But with over one billion users worldwide and with over half of these users active daily, Facebook can be an incredibly powerful tool if used properly. How do you make the most of this opportunity to market your brand? To help, we’ve put together a set of 5 simple ways to amplify your Facebook Page. 

1). Use promotions and a Like Gate for growing your page

These are tried and tested methods for growing your page. Using a promotion or competition with a Like Gate forces users to Like a page before displaying the promotion or entering a competition. The key to these is to produce quality content that people really want to engage with. If you do this properly users will be happy to like your page. Try using teaser and appealing designs to tempt visitors with the promise of more. Remember also not to disappoint and disappear when users Like you as they will be quick to find the ‘unlike’ button. Follow up with your promotion and syndicate on other platforms (e.g. website, Twitter, email etc.) like we mention below.

2). Make Facebook easy to find on your website

Make the most out of your Facebook presence by linking it all up on your website; this will help your followers find you. Often we find brands only have a single link from the homepage of their website (often near the bottom). To best integrate your social presence, whether it’s Facebook or other platforms (e.g. Twitter or Google+), you should look to make your social media icons featured on every page of site. The best place is not just to add them to your footer but often to feature them above the fold (the top part of the page). You should also consider making them prominent in the content of you website. Adding these will encourage your visitors to Share your content and will act as a reminder tool about these platforms.

3). Cross platform promotions

You may already have a large following on other platforms (e.g. Twitter). Remember to take advantage of this. Cross-promotions through different marketing tactics can help increase your followers and amplify your campaigns. You can share Facebook page on other social media channels like Twitter or Pinterest, however in our experience, social network users tend to have a preferred platform and access content there. Email Marketing offers the best opportunity for growing followers on Facebook and to amplify your campaigns. A high proportion of your email list are likely customers or Fans of your brands, so are a good source of advocates to Like and Share your content. Through properly planned and executed cross platform promotions BluSky Marketing have been able to increase revenue on a clients (Luxury Spa Hotel) promotions by 308% compared to running it purely on a single channel.

4). Use your cover photo

In 2012, as part of their Timeline update, Facebook introduced the cover photo. The cover photo is an instant way to make an impact. This image spans the top of the page, is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall and provides lots of room for designers to utilise. In 2013 Facebook quietly loosened the restrictions on the amount of text allowed in cover photo, which only allowed just 20 percent to be used, meaning now there is extra freedom to display the messages you want. We would also recommend changing your cover photo regularly (e.g. once a month). The change itself will be tagged in many of your Fans’ News Feeds. Change your photo to draw attention to competitions, news, events, new product launches or to showcase different aspects of your business.

5). Facebook hashtags

In June 2013 Facebook caught up with Twitter and introduced clickable hashtags to posts. These are great to help further promote your brand and to help you reach a bigger audience. Try adding a few relevant hashtags at the end of the post or perhaps sparingly within the test of the post itself. However remember to research your hashtag before to make sure its being used.

All this being said Facebook can be a great tool if used properly. Although remember not dive into Facebook half-heartedly without a plan and not to treat Facebook simply as a broadcast channel. Facebook is built on communication and to make the most of it interaction and sharing is the key. When you consider this, some know-hows like we’ve mentioned above and while delivering great content, you will then see the true ‘amplification’ and value that is within Facebook.

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