8th Luxury Hotel Benchmarking Report Q3 2014

BluSky Marketing has just released their 8th Luxury Hotel Benchmarking Report which is a unique exposé and analysis of some of the UK’s best luxury and boutique hotels.

“For the first time in the last two years, we have seen the leading hotel (4.9 Star Rating) deliver a below average dining experience, though they have come out on top because they manage guest expectations the most successfully across the Top 10 hotels included in this quarters report. Only 2% Continue reading “Latest Unique Luxury Hotel Benchmarking Report Just Released” »

What are guests really saying about some of their poor dining experiences when staying at a number of luxury and boutique hotels? The food could be exceptional however…

Chris Larsen, Managing Director, BluSky Marketing shares some direct quotes from real guest comments captured within the dining experience section of their online hotel guest experience survey programme. Continue reading “Dining Experience Pitfalls to Avoid” »