Product Management

Product Management to support business optimisation

BluSky Marketing, working closely with clients, can review and consult on existing product management practices, looking at price positioning, line extension and optimal specification levels by product.

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Nuts & Bolts

Product Management is all about the detail, understanding features and benefits, range definition, pricing per SKU and how to communicate that to existing and potential customers. While also understanding how your product range stakes up against the competition and what price premium you can charge for the Brand name.

Food for thought

Product Management can make or break a business. If you offer the customer too many options you may confuse them and lose the sale, if you do not offer an entry price point product you may loose out to a cheaper competitor, under spec the products the sales person cannot justify the price positioning while over spec the product and you cut into margins. Product Management is about getting the balance right, and BluSky Marketing have that experience to offer businesses across all industries.

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