Public Relations

A proactive approach to PR

Public Relations is about managing the public perception of a company to help building the reputation and reach of a business though the media.

Proactive Approach

BluSky Marketing offers a proactive approach to PR through campaigns which we can build alongside you, with your target audience in mind. We can support you by writing the copy, distributing the press release and build relationships with the press while amplifying your company values and public awareness.

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BluSky Marketing can research the perfect publications and mediums for your target audience and build a personal relationship with them on your behalf. We can distribute your press release and follow up with the journalists to discuss the articles and provide them with more information.


We also focus on gaining online coverage for your press releases to ensure the company has maximum publicity. There are numerous news feeds and websites online which can help a business gain awareness and we can help you find the best websites suited to your company. Each press release will be written with your keywords to help with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and online visibility.

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