8th Luxury Hotel Benchmarking Report Q3 2014

BluSky Marketing has just released their 8th Luxury Hotel Benchmarking Report which is a unique exposé and analysis of some of the UK’s best luxury and boutique hotels.

“For the first time in the last two years, we have seen the leading hotel (4.9 Star Rating) deliver a below average dining experience, though they have come out on top because they manage guest expectations the most successfully across the Top 10 hotels included in this quarters report. Only 2% of guests stated that their experience fell below expectations, which is one of the lowest ratings in the last two years” commented Chris Larsen, BluSky Marketing Managing Director.

The report also highlights the challenges faced by hoteliers in delivering a consistent guest experience month in month out, with hotel star rating performances fluctuating from last quarter, with some properties dropping while other trend upwards.

Social media is still yet to take off in the hotel space, still contributing only 0.3% of hotel awareness. Is that because hoteliers are still yet to grasp this powerfully digital medium? Calling a property direct (57%) is still the most popular reservation method. What does that mean for properties with a “none responsive” website? Have they made it easy for potential guests to locate their hotels phone number at the top left hand side of their site? Is their phone number “click’n call” enabled for smartphone users?

The 8th Luxury Hotel Benchmarking Report continues to reinforce the importance of traditional hotelier values in delivering an exceptional hotel guest experience while also challenging some existing preconceptions in the industry (e.g. guest 55 years plus account for 39% of all reviews).

The free report to download compares the online Hotel Guest Experience Survey results of 10 luxury and boutique hotels from across the UK with a total of 2,802 respondents. To find out more about the bespoke Hotel Guest Experience Surveys priced from £75 per month please click here.

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