Annual Storage

At the end of the Global Birdfair, what do you plan to do with your things?

It may be easier and cheaper to have BluSky Marketing pick up your items directly from your stand, and store and then return them directly your stand in 2023.

Base Package – £245 per annum for upto 3 large or 5 standard items (e.g. A4 box, 30cm high +/-)
Additional standard item – £15 per (e.g. up to an A4 box +/-)
Additional large item – £30 per (e.g. bigger than A4 box)

Please ensure you order the base package first before adding additional items, otherwise, they may be left on-site!

If you order anything online and we end up picking up additional items, don’t worry we will still collect on your behalf and send a balance invoice after the Global Birdfair.

Important: BluSky Marketing (BSM) does not insure items held within storage for and on behalf of clients, and clients who order and pay for this service accept that they store their items with BSM at their own risk.

Orders close on Saturday 16th July 2022.

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