Flyers, Brochures & Business Cards

Locally printed on eco-friendly paper and delivered directly to your stand as part of the package, also giving you a clean, green conscience. This option also offers peace of mind, as there are no concerns about printed material getting lost on the way or being held up in customs (yes that has happened to an exhibitor before)!

We have created a compact range of local printing options which should cover the core requirements for those exhibitors who would like to distribute something to Global Birdfair attendees to take home and remember you by!

Our standard printing quantities or options come in either a 250, 500 or 1000 print run, with the cost per unit dropping significantly the higher the volume order.

A5 or A4 Flyers Single or Double Side Options

We have chosen to print on a 170gsm environmentally friendly white FSC satin paper stock (or technical description – “Galerie Satin FSC Mixed Credit material”)

Business Cards Single or Double

For business cards, we are printing on 400gsm environmentally friendly uncoated white FSC satin (thin) board stock (or technical description – “Genyous 400gsm uncoated – FSC Mixed Credit material”)

Printing Approval Process

Prior to printing any material, we do a “print flight check” which will check for low-resolution images, and fonts not embedded in the file, convert any colours automatically to CMYK, check the correct trim size and that it will fold correctly (where applicable). We will finally send back a printer proof for your final sign off before going to print, to ensure that we are all happy with what is going to print.

How to Send Ready to Print Artwork File

Please copy and paste this link into a separate tab: then upload directly your final artwork within 24 hours, which needs to be a high-resolution ready to print pdf file. Alternatively, you can email Katharine Ford (

Either way, please clearly save the file name(s) with your stand name, location and order reference (for example “LarsenBirding-Robin-R37-Order-53467.pdf”)

IMPORTANT: Global Birdfair – Travel Regulation Compliance

The Global Birdfair has already published and distributed their “Exhibitor Tour Operator Guidelines” which cover the onsite requirements for those exhibitors promoting travel including the ability to “distribute brochures, flyers, business cards, tour itineraries, etc including contact details”.

In essence, “all bookings knowingly secured through the Global Birdfair by the Tour Operator must be processed via an approved UK entity which will ensure compliance with the Travel Regulations”.

Orders close Wednesday 6th July 2022

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