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What is Responsive Design

Responsive web design is a technique used to build websites that render the content to suit any devices being used to view it, at a single URL.

Giving a great online experience for your customers

This design approach helps to give visitors a consistently good experience no matter how large or small the screen.

The Facts & Figures

It’s Easy to Manage

A responsive website allows you to use one content management system (CMS) to update your website content. Change your copy or update your image gallery in one place and one time, and your website is instantly updated on all devices.

Mobile and Travel are made for each other

With recent research showing that more than one-third of mobile device owners are already using their gadgets to plan trips while on the go, travel and mobile go hand-in-hand. Therefore improving your mobile marketing, such as making your website responsive, will benefit your guests finding the information they require to make your company their destination.

Conclusion… Think Responsively

The fact that mobile devices are now outselling PCs leaves no question – you need a mobile presence. With a responsive website design, your website will be optimised for every screen size, helping give your customers a consistently good experience on your website no matter how large or small the screen.

So remember, think responsively for your website.

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