Be smart. Be mobile. Think Responsively

Be smart. Be mobile. Think Responsively

What is Responsive Website Design? Responsive web design is a technique used to build websites that render the content to suit any devices being used to view it, at a single URL.

We can no longer ignore the evolution of the modern world, with the use of mobile devices growing and developing people are freely accessing the internet on the go. A recent study by Expedia Media Solutions shows that more then one third of mobile device owners are already using their gadgets to plan trips and holidays.

It would benefit us to start acknowledging not only these new platforms, but also the growth of online and the recognising the opportunities it can bring to your company. In our recent Hotel Guest Experience Survey benchmarking report, it shows there has been a growth in Search (i.e. Google) and the use of Hotel websites by on average 6%. Not only that, the second best preference for booking a hotel is through the hotel’s website.

We aren’t saying the old fashion ways of picking up a phone are out of the window, in fact our report shows direct phone calls can still be the number one preference for bookings and contact, but we need to consider all angles. It is almost everyday practice for most to view a website from their mobile phone or tablet and we need to take this into account.

Standard websites aren’t designed with mobile devices in mind and 61% of customers who visit these sites on their devices are likely to leave. Therefore, ensuring your website is responsive would improve the customer experience while potentially gaining more revenue through it no matter how large or small the screen is.

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